How is this activity going to be different compared to what already exists out there?

  • The focus will not be on communicating from a religious perspective, but more from – how can we use the ancient wisdom to help in our day to day life today?
  • Package content for a contemporary audience
  • Content will be in the form of short videos and podcasts
  • Content format will be based on enquiry. It will be a dialogue as opposed to it being a sermon from a pulpit
  • The focus will be more on providing perspectives on day to day challenges as opposed to existential questions
  • The purpose of the content would be more to provide food for thought rather than providing specific answers to questions.
  • The general philosophy of the material would be to communicate that there is more than one right way to deal with any situation (that the world is *not* black and white)
  • The general philosophy that while the way a particular emotion could be expressed is different based on gender, age and social construct, the underlying strength of the feeling could be equal