“One day a devotee came to Sant Tukāram and asked him: “Maharaj, you are so open and free in life; you have no secrets. You never become angry with anyone, you are so cool, collected, and so together. How has that happened to you? Please tell me the secret of your life?”

Instead of answering his question, Tukāram said, “Look, I know a secret about you.” The man did not know what to say. He asked, “Maharaj, what is that?” Tukāram said, “You are going to die in seven days.”

As Tukāram was a great saint, the man could not disbelieve his words. He went back home and did all that had to be done in those seven days. He became wonderful with his wife and children because he had only seven days more to live, and he tried to be the very best that he could be.

On the seventh day someone told Tukāram that the man was now going to die. Tukāram went to see the man and asked, ‘Tell me what happened?” The man said, “Maharaj, I am going to die now. Please bless me, pray for me.” Tukāram said, “All right, but how have you lived for the past seven days? Were you angry with your wife, children or with your friends?” The man replied, “Maharaj, how could I get angry with anyone if I were to die after seven days?” Tukāram said, “Now you know my secret of keeping my mind cool, calm, and collected all the time. I remember that particular relationships can end at any moment!”

This was the secret of Tukāram’s calm and peaceful mind. He knew that the next moment could be the last moment. He lived with an understanding and not with fear.”