The Kauravas and the Pandavas are in their educative years under the tutorship of Dronachaarya, the Guru gives the pupils assignments. On one such occasion, he enunciates ten principles that he wants the pupils to learn.

The next day, when the Guru asks the students what they have learnt, all but Yudhishthira parrot out the enunciated principles. When the latter is asked, he states that he has learnt the first principle, but is not yet thorough with the second. Dronacharya, less than exemplary himself in the control of anger, is enraged and begins to thrash the eldest Pandava. The prince takes the thrashing in a composed fashion. Seeing him so composed, Dronaachaarya suddenly realizes that something may be amiss. Pausing, he ponders, “This future King who could get me executed with just one order, is unperturbed by my wrath…. The first principle I taught him was to always be truthful; the second was to control one’s temper…!” The teacher immediately realizes his folly and senses the Prince’s sincerity in truly learning a principle.

The guru embraces the Prince and compliments him on his sincere learning of two principles, whereupon the Prince responds, “Sir! I haven’t really mastered the second at all. But the first I am evincing even now. Just now as you were beating me, my ire was ignited and I have really struggled to keep it under control.”